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Bully coils

Alien Classified Special Edition 0.13

$19.99 CAD

Classified Aliens 0,13Ω are a special Bully Coilbuilder recipe! Both small and high performance, they are designed to maximize a "kick", very high in use of mod regulate and mechanical. Fans get a balance, perfect flavor and steam!

  • Classified 0,13Ω Aliens come in a pair
  • Classified Aliens have a diameter of 3,0 mm and 5 Wraps as well as a 0,13 resistance Ω
  • The Coils are all carefully handcrafted
  • The Coils are all Ultrason cleansed before being put into a 30ml bottle of Chubby Gorilla type, Bully Coilbuilder Signature
  • Made only with high quality Nichrome with Swedish thread
  • Bully Coilbuilder recommends that this product be used by entry-level to expert users

Bully Coilbuilder is not responsible for misuse