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Alien Framed Staple 0.12

$36.65 CAD

Framed Staple Aliens are a type of Coil designed to maximize flavor performance. They are massive and take up more space in a rebuildable than his little brothers the Alien Tri-core. Composed of Ribbon Wire, this increases the surface of the Framed Staple Alien which gives it a better liquid retention which favors an ultimate flavor production!

  • Framed Staple Alien comes in a pair
  • Framed Staple Alien have a diameter of 3,5 mm and 5 Wraps and a resistance of 0,12 Ω
  • The Coils are all carefully handcrafted
  • The Coils are all Ultrason cleaned before being put into a Bully Coilbuilder 30ml Signature Bottle
  • Made only with high quality Swedish Nichrome
  • Bully Coilbuilder recommends that this product be used by intermediate and advanced users

* Bully Coilbuilder is not responsible for misuse