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Diamonds Alien 0.11

$22.50 CAD

The Diamond Aliens 0,11Ω are a new recipe, signature of Bully Coilbuilder! Highly efficient, they are designed to maximize the most flavor possible with a very high "Kick" in the use of mechanical and regulated Mod. The Diamond Aliens have been Sanded with 2000 grains to flatten the Alien wrap of these. In order to allow a greater surface area for the liquid, and thus to remove the mass of the coil by sanding which favors an increased reactivity of these, to accompany an extraordinary flavor production, you will benefit from a very dense vapor, which will fill all the users !

  • The Diamond Aliens 0,11Ω come in a pair in the package.
  • The Diamond Aliens have a diameter of 2,5 mm and 6 Wraps as well as a 0,11 resistance Ω
  • The Coils are all carefully handcrafted
  • The Coils are all cleaned with Ultrasound several times to remove any residue due to sanding before being put in a bottle 30ml type Chubby Gorilla, Signature Bully Coilbuilder
  • Made only with high quality Swedish Nichrome
  • Bully Coilbuilder recommends that this product be used by intermediate to expert users

Bully Coilbuilder is not responsible for misuse