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Tri-Core Alien 0.28

$16.00 CAD

The famous Tri-Core Aliens, you probably see this type of Coil everywhere around the world now. They are known for their great balance of flavor and steam. Well known in the world of reconstructibles, they are also recommended for their increased responsiveness as well as their high performance. Our Tri-Core Aliens Single 0,28Ω have been designed with care to please fans of single Coil use.

  • Tri-Core Aliens Single 0,28Ω come in a pair
  • Tri-Core Aliens have a diameter of 3,0 mm and 4 Wraps and a resistance of 0,28 Ω
  • The Coils are all carefully handcrafted
  • The Coils are all Ultrason cleansed before being put into a 30ml bottle of Chubby Gorilla type, Bully Coilbuilder Signature
  • Made only with high quality Nichrome with Swedish thread
  • Bully Coilbuilder recommends that this product be used by entry-level to expert users

Bully Coilbuilder is not responsible for misuse